Our Track Record of Success

Louis J. Cohen has been a labor and employment lawyer and false claims act lawyer for over thirty-five (35) years.

Mr. Cohen is one of the most experienced False Claims Act attorneys in the country.

Mr. Cohen has been described as a false claims act pioneer.  When the False Claims Act was reinvigorated in 1986, Mr. Cohen had the privilege of participating in ground breaking cases that affirmed the constitutionality of the 1986 amendments.  Mr. Cohen argued the first published opinion on the 1986 amendments in the case of U.S.A. ex rel. Stillwell v. Hughes Helicopters, Inc. (1988) 714 F. Supp. 1084. Mr. Cohen also participated in the oral argument in the first constitutional challenge to the 1986 amendments in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Cases filed by the firm and on behalf of our clients have resulted in settlements and judgments of over $100 million dollars in qui tam actions.

Whistleblower clients have recovered millions of dollars in rewards under the Federal and State False Claims Act.

We achieve record breaking results in employment cases.

In June 2024, we achieved a $13.75 million settlement for a physician at UC Irvine, which is the:

(1) largest settlement ever paid to a physician for a retaliatory peer review proceeding,

(2) the largest settlement paid in a case alleging employment Defamation and Blackballing, and

(3) the largest settlement paid by UC Regents for any plaintiff in an employment case

We have secured millions of dollars of settlements in discrimination and sexual harassment cases.

We represent employees who are subject to retaliation or termination for reporting illegal activity at work and for refusing to participate in illegal activity.

Cases filed by Mr. Cohen have been featured in the media including the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Associated Press, UPI, 60 Minutes and Hard Copy.

Mr. Cohen is a proud member of Taxpayers Against Fraud, the leading advocacy group for government fraud lawyers and the California Employment Lawyers Association.  Mr. Cohen has been invited to speak and presented at conferences for these organizations.  

Recent case results include:

  • In June 2024, we achieved a record setting $13.75 Million dollar Defamation and Blackballing settlement for a UC Irvine Physician.
  • In December 2022, we achieved a $3 Million settlement for private insurance fraud under the California Insurance Fraud Prevention Act in the case of People ex rel. Costanzo v. B.F. Pathology, et al., Case No. RG20065399, and secured the state's agreement to the maximum possible relator's award of 50% of the recovery. 
  • In May 2022, we secured a $1.3 Million settlement for sexual harassment for our client Paulette McNeely against Dr. William Grant Stevens, a prominent Marina Del Rey Plastic surgeon
  •  In February 2022, Georgia Cancer Specialists, I, P.C. (GCS), one of the largest oncology practices in the United States and an affiliate of Atlanta's Northside Hospital, agreed to pay $8 million dollars to the federal government to settle claims of Medicare fraud in what the federal judge presiding over the case called a “sophisticated kickback scheme.” 
  • In June 2020, we secured a $3.5 Million dollar settlement in a sexual assault case entitled Karla Sois v. Mohammad Rasekhi, Sheila Busheri and Southern California Medical Center, Inc.   
  • In August 2019, we secured a $850,000 settlement for sexual harassment for our client against a prominent Marina Del Rey Plastic surgeon.
  • In August 2014, we reached a $900,000 employment settlement for whistleblower retaliation case against the Los Angeles Community College District
  • In April 2014, we along with the Department of Justice reached a $5,700,000 settlement with Amedisys, Inc., a Medicare home healthcare company, settling claims of Medicare fraud and violations of the Anti-Kickback statute and Stark law.  We represented two whistleblowers in one of eight cases that settled globally for $150 Million dollars, the largest False Claims Act settlement against a home health care company in the history of the False Claims Act.
  • In March 2013, in a groundbreaking case against a California University, we along with the Department of Justice obtained a $1,200,000 settlement for a physician whistleblower under the False Claims Act.
  • In December 2012, we reached an $800,000 employment settlement for a client who was asked and refused to fabricate documents for the employer to improperly obtain government funds.
  • In 2011, we represented a fired head baseball coach and former professional baseball player in an employment whistleblower action entitled Selwyn Young v. Los Angeles Community College District, et al., Case No. BC 396785. After a one month jury trial, in February 2011, a unanimous jury found Coach Young had been terminated for reporting the misuse of public funds and awarded Coach Young $1.2 Million in damages.  The Court awarded an additional $1.1 Million in attorney's fees.